German users can now also use live videos in Instagram Stories – for up to an hour. So you can share content with friends and acquaintances even better and entertain your community. And this is how you start an Instagram Live video.

Live videos have long been old hat on Facebook, and since November 2016, Instagram has also supported this feature in its app. You can entertain your followers in a creative way for up to 60 minutes. If you wish, you can even add a comment or completely deactivate messages from your friends. When you’re done with your live session, the video automatically disappears from Instagram Stories. Means: Unlike Facebook, the recorded live video cannot be saved or shared with friends after completion.

This is how you can start your live video in Instagram Stories

  1. First, start the Instagram app on your smartphone
  2. Swipe your finger to the right, on the camera icon or “Your Story.”
  3. In the lower bar, you will find the item “Live,” which you have to tap on
  4. With a tap on “Start live video,” you start your stream
  5. Your subscribers can now receive a notification about your live video directly

Live Video in Instagram Stories: Viewers and Comments


During the live video, comments and the number of viewers are displayed. Image: © Instagram 2017

During your live video, you can see the number of your viewers at any time; you can find this information at the top right of the screen. Comments are displayed below; if you want to write something yourself, you have to select “Comment.” You also have the option of pinning a comment so that viewers do not overlook it. All you have to do is tap and hold on to comment. If you don’t want to ask for a word during your live video, tap the button with the three dots and select “Disable comments.” Good to know: Your activated search term filters also apply to all comments during a live video. To end your recording, just tap on “End.”


  1. Live videos in Instagram Stories must be no longer than one hour
  2. Start the app and swipe your finger to the right
  3. In the lower bar, you select “Live.”
  4. With a tap on “Start live video,” you start the transmission
  5. If you want to write something to your viewers, you can do this via “Comment.”
  6. To pin comments, tap and hold a comment
  7. The button with the three dots takes you to “Deactivate comments.”
  8. If you want to end your live video, tap on “End.”
  9. The live video disappears from Instagram Stories and cannot be saved or shared.


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